Slow carb diet

started the slow carb diet yesterday at a morning weight of 229lbs. explained here:

I’m going to experiment with doing this for Februrary….

1 day down, 27 to go.

Day one’s foods:

  • breakfast – Hard Boiled eggs
  • lunch – kilbasa sausage, salad
  • snack – carrots
  • dinner – asparagus, beans, and chicken

Day Two’s foods so far:

  • breakfast – Hard Boiled eggs
  • lunch – chicken, black beans, salad
  • snack – carrots
  • dinner – ?
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Up and Down Parmer — and I made it alive.

So I got back out on my road bike last night. I have been having issues keeping my front tire inflate. But after 4 tubes, and a new rim strip, I think i fixed it.

Here in North Austin, there is a road called Parmer lane. It is a very busy farm to market road with three lanes of 60mph traffic each way. However it has great long hills and wide sholders.

I rode a good chunk of Parmer last night, and loved being back on the bike. The traffic was a little unnerving especially when the shoulder would end to provide a turning lane for the cars. Also I am very new to wearing clip-less shoes, and still have a hard time getting my foot clipped in after starting at an intersection.

The wind was NUTZ!! I rode the first half not noticing the wind, and made great time (17+ mph for 4 miles). then I turned around and WHAM! The wind proved to be an endless hill the whole way back. Ah the leg burn.

All in all it was a good time. I burned over 400 kcals, and I am down to 231lbs.

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3-18-10 – Back on 2 wheels…

I’ve noticed something recently, it seems like every time I talk about some kind of physical hobby/exercise I have, I talk about  it in the past tense.

“I used to go mt. biking all the time.” or “I used to be able to run 3 miles no problem when I was playing soccer.”

I’m sick of this. Today, I am getting back on my bike, and going out to Parmer Lane. Parmer is a large farm-to-market road with 3 lanes of 65mph traffic each way. But what makes Parmer a mecca for North Austin cyclists is it’s wide shoulders and long endurance forming hills.

So I’m doing it, I am going to squeeze my overweight self into some spandex and go conquer some hills (and calories too). And I will no longer say “I used to go cycling”, but will replace that mantra with a new one. “I am a cyclist, and I love it!”

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Fun weekend… Bad eating habits

Had the family in town this weekend for the niece’s first birthday. We ate out for 4 meals, had one meal of pizza, and one of hot dogs… 😦

I do not expect the scale to be friendly to me today, but I will let you know when I find out.

*UPDATE* – the scale wasn’t very mean. I was only up 0.5 lbs.  That puts me at 237lbs.

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Hello world!

This is the first of hopefully many posts documenting my quest for fitness (and subsequently my weight loss). I am posting this to the world so in an attempt to lock myself into a commitment. So feel free to comment on my posts. Cheer me on when I do well, “boo” me when I don’t.

I have started using an iPhone app called “Lose It”. It is a good calorie counter, and exercise tracker. It also comes with these nice progress reports from their website

This week’s weight report shows that I am down 9 lbs from where I started. I was sick for the last few weeks, so my appetite was stifled. Bad for my health, good for my waist.

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